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We use both the Traditional and Pure Water Window Cleaning technique because we believe in giving you the choice of which system you prefer.

Traditional window cleaning today is the use of water, detergent, and an applicator to wash the window with a squeegee to remove the water, detergent, and dirt off of the glass.

I B Cleaning will not clean in this way as we think it’s ineffective.

When we clean in a traditional way. We use a cleaning solution that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and leaves no residue behind whatsoever at all. This combined with the very best equipment. Ensure great results. We also use specialist clothes and squeegees to ensure the results are of a high standard every time. I B Cleaning also maintains your frames and sills. Making sure your property is looking the best at all times.

What Is Pure Water


‘Pure Water’ is water that has been treated to remove any dissolved solids particles from the water. Tap water is full of these contaminants. Which stop you from being able to wash with water alone without leaving marks, spots, and smears, etc. Believe it or not. Water from the tap these days is not “Pure Water” and is full of impurities. The level of these impurities varies from each area around the country. Here in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire our tap water is fairly good. That is compared to other parts of the Country. However, you would not be able to clean your windows with this water. It would leave nasty spots and stains all over your glass.

When we are cleaning our customers’ properties we are often asked. Will that water harms our plants and flowers. Well, our answer to that is would you be prepared to pour bottled water over your plants? Because our filtered water is cleaner and has fewer contaminants in than the bottled water you can buy from the shops.

 I B Cleaning process their own water. We use a deionization process that removes the dissolved solids. This results in water that is pure and free of contaminants. Which cleans glass to a very high standard.


Water Fed Pole / Pure Water Window Cleaning

When cleaning your Windows we use a specially designed ‘brush head’. This is no normal brush head. It has been specifically designed and made for the purpose of cleaning glass with Pure Water. This soft brush head goes on the end of a long pole. We pump up pure water to the soft brush head and through jets in the brush. Using this pure water and this special brush head, We can remove the dirt from your windows, frames, and sills. The fibers in these brushes have a number of qualities, but those most important to you are:

  • The soft brush fibers are a kind of glass, and won’t mark your windows.
  • The brush head does not hold dirt in the fibers and therefore aids the window cleaning process giving clean results to each area.

After the dirt has been removed, we rinse off the windows with more of this treated water. This leaves them very clean, and since the is no residue from detergent, cleaning products, contaminates in the water or anything else, your windows actually stay cleaner for longer! They stay cleaner because there is nothing for the dirt to stick to – no residues, not even a micro-fine layer since everything has been cleaned off using water that is put through a series of filtering systems.

When To Use The Traditional Window Cleaning Method

Most of the time we would recommend the pure water window cleaning system as it does clean a lot better. However, if the customer prefers us to do it traditional we have no problem with this. It is totally up to you as you are the customer.

We always clean the inside of properties with the traditional method. It would cause way too much mess with the pure water pole-fed system. And sometimes when customers have had their property is painted. We will have to get up close and personal with your glass as we will be scraping the paint and any spray-off that has been left behind from the decorating process. 

Window Cleaning Solution


I B Cleaning bring our own water and cleaning solutions with us. So we will not need to ask you for water when we are at your home or business.  You don’t need to be at home when we call to clean your properties. Unless you want I B Cleaning to clean the insides as well. We would be more than happy to do that for you. Also, I B Cleaning offers full Gutter Cleaning Leicestershire services.


We accept payments Online. Having options such as Direct Debit, Bank Transfer or Cheque gives you the freedom to not need to be at home, which is more convenient for you. 



I B Cleaning implement strict health and safety policies. Followed closely by all our staff. Whenever a client requests a copy of the health and safety policy. We are happy to provide this. Upon request, clients can be supplied with a copy of our health and safety policy as well as a public employee and employer liability insurance.