Solar Panel Cleaning

We can offer the most competitive prices to clean your panels because we have a fantastic team that work hard, efficiently and effectively. Ensuring you have the highest standard of service.

We work hard Making your panels work harder

Regular Cleaning
We recommend that a solar site is cleaned at a minimum on an annual basis. Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation and compaction of dirt that can lead to permanent panel damage across the Panel. When eventually cleaned, under maintained sites will require a more time consuming and more costly method to remove problematic dirt and lichens.

Why Clean Panels
Dirt and other contaminants build up on the surface of photovoltaic (PV) modules and accumulate at varying rates depending on their geographical locations, the proximity of the panels to other influencers and the site design.

Our de-ionised water is sprayed onto the panels. Brushes carefully sweep and dislodge the saturated dirt and foreign contaminants. The second flow of water then washes the dislodged dirt and debris down off the panel. Leaving the module clean and free of contamination.

Deionised Water
We use deionised water in our cleaning operations. Our water treatment plants remove harmful impurities that can affect the productivity of solar panels. Calcium in untreated tap water can leave residue on panels, whilst impurities could harm the coating on the modules. Many manufacturers state that their panels must be cleaned with deionised water to avoid invalidating the warranty. Our water purification plants remove these risks and allow us to clean solar modules to the highest quality, safely.