Solar Panel Cleaning

I B Cleaning offer a Solar Panel Cleaning service. We can offer the most competitive prices to clean your panels. Because we have a fantastic team that work hard, efficiently and effectively. We insure you have the highest standard of service.

We work hard Making your panels work harder

Regular Solar Panel Cleaning
I B Cleaning recommend that a solar site or home is cleaned on an annual basis. Because regular cleaning prevents the accumulation and compaction of dirt that can lead to permanent panel damage. If regular cleaning doesn’t occur. When eventually cleaned. Under maintained sites and home arrays will require more time to clean. And this can be more costly because it is harder to remove the problematic dirt and lichens.

Why have Solar Panel Cleaning

Not only is it important to keep your panels clean for maintenance reasons. Keeping your panels cleaned will also produce more power. This will help you save money and have a great return on your investment.

Brushes and cleaning equipment we use

We use Deionised water to clean the solar panels. We use both a brush head designed for the purpose and specially designed mop heads. Our brushes and mops spray the panels continuously with the deionised water. Because this insures your panels will be cleaned thoroughly I thought less debris and dirt will stick to the surface of your panels.

Solar panels on a roof being cleaned by I B Cleaning.

Deionised Water
We use deionised water in our cleaning operations. Our water treatment plants remove harmful impurities that can affect the productivity of solar panels. Calcium in untreated tap water can leave residue on panels. Whilst impurities could harm the coating on the modules. Many manufacturers state that their panels must be cleaned with deionised water to avoid invalidating the warranty. Our water purification plants remove these risks and allow us to clean solar modules to the highest quality, safely.

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