Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

We offer a roof cleaning service that helps prevent the buildup of moss and lichen. This helps to keep your gutters clear and clean for longer and it also helps to make your property look great.

Where possible, we use a jet wash to remove the moss and lichen. Not always is a jet wash a practical and safe way to clean a roof. Sometimes we can only treat and scrape. This is also a very effective method, but it doesn’t clean so deeply. However, it is still a very effective cleaning method and with a yearly sodium hypochlorite treatment, this will prevent the growth of moss and lichen, helping to keep your roof clean.

We treat the reef with a sodium hypochlorite treatment that helps remove the lichen and kills it off to help prevent it from coming back. The sodium hypochlorite treatment, otherwise known as soft washing, penetrates and eats away at your moss and lichen, cleaning your tiles over a period of time. Usually, the cleaning process carries on up to 6 months after the treatment has been performed.

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