Full property wipe down.

Full property wipe down. Clean including facias and soffits by I B Cleaning
Property wipe down I B Cleaning clean it all. Cleaning throughout Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.

When can we do a Full property wipe down.

Full property wipe down. When is it the perfect time to have your property wipe down and cleaned? The answer to that one we just don’t know? Through the winter your properties get a lot more soft algae and grime from the weather. And through the summer the dirt and grime blocks into your services and makes your property look old and unloved. The truth is we just don’t know. We think it’s probably a personal preference thing. If you think your property is dirty and looking unloved. We recommend that it’s time to have your property cleaned. Then we are here to help you. Because I B Cleaning offer a thorough exterior cleaning service. We call this the Full property white downs. Get in contact for your free quotation.

Cladding cleaning
Prices start from as little as £100.00 for a half cladded one side of a 3 bedroom semidetached house.

Commercial Properties.

Industrial cleaning
Commercial property being cleaned.

I B Cleaning specialises in providing a cleaning and protection to a diverse range of external cladding fabrication and metal window frame surfaces. Over time these industrial and commercial facades degrade visually and suffer from a dull, flat and chalky appearance, as a result of oxidisation.

Through a specialist process of non-destructive deep cleaning we can remove general soiling, weathering and oxidised deposits.

The process is very often used when a dilapidations schedule is undertaken or when a visual improvement or refresh of a client’s premises is required. At I B Cleaning we will work with your site team to ensure works are carried out safely and in a controlled and structured way. We understand some types of work often cannot be carried out during normal operating periods, so offer a flexible approach involving weekends, evenings or shutdown periods in addition to normal operating periods.