Covid 19 sanitising treatment from £20

Covid 19 sanitising treatment

Covid 19 sanitising treatment has been available through the whole pandemic with I B cleaning. We now want to help with the eradication of this infectious disease known as COVID-19.

Everybody now knows that the infectious disease has been passed on to one another by touching something that had the infection on. Also by people breathing on one another or onto things that we are then touching.

The past year has been a hard time for many of us not seeing our friends and family. When we have had the chance to meet up we’ve been afraid that with either contaminated them not knowingly or they have contaminated us. Very scary times for us all. It looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccinations being released. But this does not mean that we are out of the woods yet.

At the very beginning of this pandemic I B cleaning completed courses and gained qualifications in infection control to make sure that we could assist with this situation. The problem has been that it’s been very expensive to get the right equipment and chemicals to carry out the Covid 19 sanitising treatment. All the way through this pandemic our intentions have been to make it affordable for a customers. I B Cleaning have consistently reduce their costs all the way through the year.

Covid 19 sanitising treatment more affordable than ever.

Covid 19 sanitising treatment

We have now made the Covid 19 sanitising treatment affordable for everybody. I B Cleaning can now sanitise a typical three bedroom house for just £20. This is based on three bedrooms one living room one kitchen and two bathrooms. All additional rooms are charged at £5 extra. We believe this is an unbeatable price. And we also believe it is our duty to do this job so we can all get out of this pandemic and keep our families and friends safe as possible.

Please note we are currently only able to offer this price to people that live in the Leicester and surrounding areas at first. If you are unsure if we provide this service to your area. Just give us a call we will be more than happy to help.

You need to know about the Covid 19 sanitising treatment.

Before we arrive we ask that you make sure anything that you are going to put in your mouth is away this means food or knifes and forks and anything you’re going to eat off put away. Also in your bathroom try to make sure that your items are away such as your toothbrush.

The treatment we provide is a fogging misting Covid 19 sanitising treatment. We will be in your homes for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. During this time we would ask that all people are out of the property. We would also ask that any rooms that we are treating would be on locked. And once we have performed the sanitising treatment. We ask that the residents continue to vacate the property for approximately one hour after the treatment has been performed. This allows the sanitising treatment to dry into the surfaces and kill off any of the potential COVID-19 infectious disease.

Once we have left the premises we ask that anything you’re going to eat off or put in your mouth please make sure you rinse thoroughly with water.

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