Sanitisation fogging service

I B Cleaning Sanitation and Disinfection Service.

Covid 19 sanitising service
I B Cleaning helping to prevent and protect from the Covid pandemic.

We at I B Cleaning understand that times have probably not been the best for most property owners through this pandemic. Not only have we been affected mentally with the isolation that we have all had to endure for some of us it’s affected us financially too. And to top it off you have also had pressure from the government and local authorities to show them proof that you have done all that you can to protect your residence and properties from the coronavirus. This is not only hassle you don’t need but financially a cost to you.

I B Cleaning have been working hard throughout this pandemic and attempting to reduce their cost so we can pass on the benefits to you. we are attempting to make it cost-effective to protect your properties and your tenants. We have created three packages where you can choose how many visits are appropriate for your properties.

Do you own and want to treat more than one property. Please check out the graph to see what you can save.

Number of propertiesOne property two properties three propertiesFor properties
option one£455% off10% off15% off
option two£7510% off15% off20% 0ff
option three£10015% off20% off25% off

Terms and conditions

All properties must be owned by the same person and the invoice will be sent to them directly. Invoice must be paid in full after treatment has been completed.

Option 1. £45

one off treatment. You can choose this option when no additional visits are required. This option is for one home. up to four bedrooms with ensuite and one bathroom one living room and kitchen any additional room £10 and any additional bathroom £5.

Option 2. £75

2 visit.
Including option one a second visit will happen two weeks after the initial first visit once that isolation period for any residents has ended.
room £10 and any additional bathroom £5

Option 3. £100.

3 visits.
This includes option two and an additional visit either during or after the isolation period giving you peace of mind.
room £10 and any additional bathroom £5.

Simply get in contact to arrange your first treatment then we will carry out the treatments and provide you with a certificate of completion.